Clubs at Stelly's

    Stelly's offers a wide variety of activities for students. The following is a comprehensive list of the clubs and organizations currently running at Stelly's.

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    Art Club

    • Art club meets once a week and students have the opportunity to explore drawing, painting, ceramics and printmaking.

      SPONSOR: Mr. Strutynski

      MEETING TIME: Tuesday 3:05 - 4:30

      MEETING PLACE: Room #64

      FEES: $30 per semester

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    Ballroom Dance

    • Want to impress your friends and family at your next dance? Join Ballroom Dance club, run by Victoria Ballroom Dance Society right here at Stellys! Beginner and Advanced sessions available.

      SPONSORS: Linda Broda

      PRACTICES: Tuesday 4:00 - 5:00 Sept 25 - Nov 27, 2012


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    Chess Club

    • Calling all lovers of chess, the classic game of strategy and intensity.
      • Meeting Time: 11:20 on Thursday
      • Meeting Place: Room #005 (Wood Work Shop)
      • Sponsor: Mr. Birney

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    Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

    • The Gay Straight Alliance is for all students, queer and straight allies, to meet together in a safe environment. We do social activities, fundraising, and awareness raising activities. Everyone is welcome.

      • Meeting Time: Tuesday Lunch & afterschool on Friday
      • Meeting Place: Rm. 106 (Lunch) Library (After School)
      • Sponsor: Mrs. Cacciato
      • Student Contact: TBA

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    Youth in Action (formerly Social Justice)

    • Be the voice of those who can not speak. Fight for social justice, fight oppression, and mostly make a difference in the world through letter-writing campaigns, fundraisers and discussions.

      • Meeting Time: Fridays at Lunch
      • Meeting Place: Room #108
      • Student Contacts: Aysha Rose and Mara Radawetz
      • Sponsor: Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Cacciato

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    Shakespeare Theatre Outside

    • Shakespeare Theatre Outside Experience is for any student who enjoys being in a group who is enthusiastic about the classic style of outdoor theatre. Enthusiasm is more important than theatre experience and having fun is our goal.

      • Meeting Time: 3 - 4pm on Mondays
      • Meeting Place: Room #140
      • Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Sunshine

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    Orienteering Club

    • Stelly's Orienteering Club 

      Come to a new Stelly's Club

      • Meeting Time: starting October 2, 2013 after school at lunch on Wednesdays
      • Meeting Place: PE Classroom
      • Sponsor Teachers: Mrs. Taylor

      Everyone Welcome!

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    Student Council

    • This group meets once to twice per week to help give students a voice in the super fun events and activities leadership organizes for both students and staff. Such events might include, school dances, intramurals, lunchtime games and completions like the Jello Olympics, spirit/theme days, the Sting, Spirit Games, etc. The purpose of this group is also to give all student a voice in their school. It is a place where serious discussions can take place about current issues at Stelly's.

          * Meeting Time : 11:20 on Monday
          * Meeting Place : Room 153
          * Student Contacts : Prime-Ministers: Rebecca Rogers, and Reanne Streifel
          * Sponsor Teachers : Mr. Davies

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    Mountain Bike Club

    Stelly's Mountain Biking Cub meets every Wednesday at Hartland after school at 2:45pm, riding until about 4:30pm. If you are interested in joing the group please Mr. Montgomery for a permission form. Everyone Welcome! No experience Necessary!

    SPONSOR: Mr. Montgomery

    MEETING TIME: Friday 2:45 - 4:30

    MEETING PLACE: Hartland

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    Running Club

    • Do you want to get in shape, stay in shape, cross train or get ready for TracK & Field season, The running club is for you.

      There will be a cardio workout Mondays and Wednesdays for the rest of the year.

      Sponsors: Mr. Siebert

      When: Starting Monday October 29th

      Time: 3:00 pm (Meeting)  Run at 4:00 pm

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    Go Green! Club

      • Open to all grades, this club is an environment awareness and action group.  Come join us as we learn about environmental concerns and take actions to protect our environment.

        • Meeting Time: Wednesdays @ lunch
        • Meeting Place: Room 153
        • Student Contacts: Teddy Dong
        • Sponsor: Mrs. Wallace and Mr. McDonald
        • Email:

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      Vital Youth Group

      • The Vital Youth group is a group of students interested in making a positive change in the community.  Each year they receive $2500 from the Saanich  Peninsula Foundation to donate to the charity/charities of their choice.  Your job as a member of Vital Youth is to collectively decide on a need in our community, seek out and research charities that are trying to meet these needs, and then award the grant (or a part of it) to the charities the group decides on.  This group is a great way to connect with the community, get experience in grant-writing and the grant approval process, and to make a difference in the lives of others.  .

        • Meeting Times: _________________
        • Meeting Place: ___________________
        • Student Contacts: _________________
        • Sponsor: Mrs. Sunter (Beristain)