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Stelly’s Parent After Grad 2021 Committee Epicure Fundraiser

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Stelly’s Parent After Grad 2021 Committee Epicure Fundraiser
by Stellys PAC - Tuesday, 8 December 2020, 6:26 PM

December 1st, 2020

Dear Friends/Grad Students/Parents:

The Stelly’s Parent After Grad 2021 Committee is participating in a Fundraiser to raise money for Stelly’s Grad Students of 2021!  This year, we are selling a Weeknight Dinners collection from Epicure—5 meal solutions and a dessert sure to make anyone a mealtime hero!

Epicure is driven to help people reconnect by sharing good food, that is healthy and delicious. The Fundraiser Collection sells for $25 and with each kit sold, our organization will receive 40% of the funds raised—that’s $10 per collection sold!

The Fundraiser will begin Monday, November 30th and end on Wednesday, December 15th so I can place my order on Friday, December 17th.  The Order forms will be available in the office.  Once I receive all product, I will contact the student and personally deliver all dinner collections purchased to that students home to deliver to their customers (depending on when I receive the shipment from Epicure, I could be delivering your orders over the winter break or in the new year).

Our goal is to sell lots of these packages in order to raise funds for expenses related to the Dry Grad in June 2021 being organized by parents (abiding by PHO directives). You can help your child achieve our goal by:

• Purchasing your own delicious, versatile collection

• Getting the word out to friends, family and neighbours 

• Walking door-to-door with your child to help them sell Fundraiser Collections in your neighbourhood

Thank you in advance for supporting our Fundraiser to reach our goal!


Michele Wake


Call/text:  250-920-5230