Stelly's Spirit Award - Grade 11


Stelly’s Secondary School

VALUE: Trophy
  1. Leadership. The recipient must have shown enthusiastic leadership in a number of activities or projects which contribute to a positive school climate. Although the recipient may have been part of a leadership team for these activities, she or he should clearly stand out in terms of initiative, organization, interpersonal skills, ability to create a shared vision and commitment to bringing that vision to fruition.
  2. Involvement. The recipient must have been involved in at least two extra-curricular clubs or organizations in his or her Grade 11 year (he or she may also, but not necessarily, have been involved in athletics). Candidates who meet the requirement, will be judged on the quality of their involvement as demonstrated in effort and commitment to the clubs and organizations in question.
  3. Citizenship. The recipient must demonstrate excellent citizenship and be considered a positive role model both within and outside of the classroom.
  4. Academics. The recipient must demonstrate commitment to her or his studies such that she or he will most likely appear on the year-end honour roll and/or the year-end effort roll.
PROCEDURE: Students will be nominated by a member of the Stelly’s staff at an awards meeting to be held in early June of each year. 

Selection will be made by Stelly’s Awards Committee in consultation with the entire school staff.

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