Elections project

Stand by me

Political parties are organizations of people who agree on the same broad concepts or ideologies. There are five main political parties in Canada:

  1. Conservative Party

  2. Liberal Party

  3. New Democratic Party

  4. The Bloc Québecois

  5. The Green Party

Assignment: Your political party hopes to govern the country and has developed issue-related policies that will guide the legislation they plan to introduce in the House of Commons. These policy decisions form the party platform of each competing political party. Your party platform should clarify your party’s position on a number of issues, such as:

  • Education

  • Taxation

  • Health Care

  • Immigration

  • Agriculture

  • Foreign Affairs

  • Environment

  • Social Justice

  • Aboriginal Affairs

  • Budget and Finance

  • National Housing Policy

  • National Day Care Program

  • Pensions (CPP)

  • National Unity

  • Telecommunications

Tasks: Working in groups, you will research the political platforms (positions) of one of the five main political parties. This information will form the basis for an election campaign that will require a number of products as a means of promoting your message.

Make sure your electoral message accurately represents the political aims of your selected party.

Shape the message to make it appeal to the electorate. The products should include:

  1. A placard and slogan that can be carried at rallies

  2. A 30-second television spot (iMovie, PowerPoint, etc.)

  3. A brochure that outlines the main platform

  4. A detailed speech to be delivered by the Party Leader

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