I am Canadian Write in Role

I am a new Canadian

There are a lot situations in the world where people are not as lucky as we are in Canada. Write in a role as a recent immigrant to Canada. Do research on the actual current situation in a country in the world today that is facing turmoil that led to your deciding you would come to Canada, list any website you used in your research. Try and reference the push/ pull factors we learned on the first day but add actual current push/ pull factors that influenced your decision. Do an introductory paragraph of your journey then add actual push pull factors that are relevant in today's world.

Here an example below

The Push/ Pull factor is unemployment

Here is an example a fictional story incorporating the push/ pull factor of employment:

My name is Asad Gehdi.

I left Somalia because there was no legitimate work for decent pay. I ran messages for a militia leader for a time but got scared for my life whenever I made a mistake. There are very few real jobs in Somalia that are not tied to organized crime and they pay only 4000 Somolialand Shilling (or 1$ Canadian a day) I have recently taken a job at a butcher shop that pays this much. I heard rumours through distant relatives that Canadians can make 15 times this amount....... per hour!




I connected with my relative in Canada and started working in Northern Alberta at a meat packing plant. The work in similar to what I was doing in Somalia but the boss is so much stricter here. I barely have time to go to the bathroom and I am “encouraged” to work long overtime hours. I was right about the wages being 15 times higher but I didn't anticipate the cost of renting an apartment to be 200 times higher.



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