Topic outline

  • What is Global Perspectives?

    Global Perspectives is a two-year program at Stelly's School which focuses on making positive change in the world. The Grade 11 year focuses on improving our local community and the Grade 12 year focuses on making an improvement in a developing country. It culminates with an 18-day trip to a developing country to physically implement the improvements.

    Stelly's students mixing mud for adobe bricks in Peru.

    • Construction of a Women's Shelter in Nepal, 2013

      30-minute documentary about Global Perspectives in Nepal 2013

      Student reflections on Nepal 2013


      • Grade 11

        Global Perspectives 11 focuses on understanding challenges in our community. Students will study homelessness, drug addiction, mental health, and gender inequality. They will regularly volunteer their time in the dining room at Our Place Society, where Stelly's has had a weekly dinner shift since 2005. They look at Canadian humanitarians and must complete an action project which will benefit the community (Sock Bombs, Beach Cleanup, Awareness Campaigns, etc).

        • Grade 12

          Global Perspectives 12 is about making a positive change in a developing country. Students will fundraise for a project in a developing country and then physically travel to that country over Spring Break to work with the local people to implement their project. Previous projects include:

           Five schools in Peru (2006-2011)

           Women's Shelter in Mankhu, Nepal (2012-2014)

          School and water improvements in Silana, Fiji (2015)

           School reconstruction in Bandipur, Nepal (2016)

          • Global Gala

            The Global Gala is our annual fundraiser. It runs every November and includes music, food, education, and silent auction. All proceeds are used for our project. They do NOT cover student travel costs.

            • Global Perspectives Legacy