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    Computer Lab Bookings

    Computer Resources at Stelly's:

    There are three areas at Stelly's where you can book computer labs for your classes.  Click on the links to the left or below to view their availability:

    1. The Learning Commons has two lab areas East and West containing 14 desktop computers and 16 laptops each, and a study area located between the two labs.  Click here to view.
    2. Three Computer Labs with 30 workstations each are located next to the Learning Commons.  Two of the labs, room 153 and room 136,  support Windows 8.1 in addition to our Ubuntu thin clients. Click here to view.
    3. The Career Centre has a study area with 16 workstations. Click here to view

    How Do I Reserve a Computer Lab?

    1. Check the calendars (links at left)  to see if there's a free lab for the block and date you need.
    2. Send an email to stellys_tech specifying the date, block, and computer resource you would like to book.
    3. You'll get a reply within 24 hours to confirm your booking.  The calendar will also be updated with your name in the specified day, block, and resource you requested.

    Check the calendar or your email to confirm your booking well in advance of using the lab.  Unless you receive confirmation you may not have the lab booked!