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Stelly's Athletic Banquet

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Stelly's Athletic Banquet
by Ryan Braun - Monday, 11 June 2018, 8:02 AM

On Thursday night, Stelly's held its annual athletic banquet. The evening was a smashing success with an amazing slideshow created by Brianna Watt, food and awards. Congratulations to all of our athletes. Pictured above is our major award winners from the evening - Top Left - Sr. Aggregate - Robbie Wierenga and Anna-Maria Hilton, Top Middle - Coach of the Year - Don Lacy, Top Right - Mucker - Robbie Wierenga, Bottom Left - Jr. Aggregate - Jean MacAulay, Jonah Brost, Chloe Riis, Middle Bottom - Sr. Sportsperson - Amhar Humble, Mert Dikbas, Caitlin Stewart, Middle Right - Jr. Sportsperson - Jonah Talbot, Eva Person, Finn Robbins. 

Here is a link to the rest of the photos of the night