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Door Decorating Contest - Too Close to Call

Stein River - Gord Ritchie
Door Decorating Contest - Too Close to Call
by Gord Ritchie - Monday, 14 December 2009, 7:41 PM
1st Place
First Place
Honorable Mention
Golden - Pizza
Ms. Brown's Room
Golden - Pizza
Mrs. Cunningham and Mr. Mitchel's Room
Silver - Candy Cane
Mr. Agnew's Room
This year's Door Decorating contest produced some very tough competition. From bright, bold and tacky (Ms. Wallace), to Ms. Lim's giant Polar Bear and Ms. Cave's Eiffel tower, there was no shortage of imagination when it came to preparing for the big show. Congratulations to our two first place winners (see above) as they will be enjoying a pizza party this Friday, and although his door did not win, Mr. Quested's classroom will always be a must see on the Stelly's Christmas tour.