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Track and Field Update

Stein River - Gord Ritchie
Track and Field Update
by Gord Ritchie - Thursday, 16 April 2009, 9:43 PM
April 16, 2009

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Stelly's Track and Field team has had some impressive early results and at the half way point of the league season most of our kids are in the top 5 in their events. At last night's meet, two new school records were set both in 300m hurdles by Dustin Sapala and Danielle Delage. Dustin also had a personal best in the high jump. Ryan Leigh placed 2nd in the 800m, Halley Cote 2nd in 800m and 2nd in Triple jump, Richard House 2nd in his 200m heat - it was a photofinish, Jeff Baker 2nd and Joe Salkeld 4th in their 200m heat, Graham Ball 2nd in 1500m, Casey Atkin first in 200m, Kelsey Vermilyea 2nd in Racewalk.

Other Notables:

  • Jonah Feil currently in first in SB HJ, Shot put
  • Casey Atkins first in JG 400m, 2nd in discus (school record)
  • Ryan Leigh first in SB 400m
  • Richard House fifth in SB 100m,
  • Nolan Stubbs, first in BB Lj, Triple jump, Javelin
  • Dustin Sapala first in JB Lj, 3rd in 400m
  • Kelsey Vermilyea (school record in racewalk)
  • Jeff Baker first in SB discus and long jump
  • Halley Cote 2nd in JG 3000m
  • Graham Ball 3rd in SB 3000m
  • Hanna Weideman 5th in BG Discus
  • Danielle Delage 2nd in JG High Jump
  • Tara Lumley 2nd in BG High Jump