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Rischmiller Attends Cancer Research Retreat

Stein River - Gord Ritchie
Rischmiller Attends Cancer Research Retreat
by Gord Ritchie - Tuesday, 26 April 2011, 11:02 PM
Kayleen Rischmiller, a grade 11 student at Stelly's, participated in the Deeley Cancer Research High School retreat on April 16th. She was part of a group of 17 students from all over Vancouver Island who were nominated by their schools. Students were instructed by several doctors on how to; transfer DNA to a PCR machine, read DNA profiles, and diagnose and make treatment recommendations on six different DNA results. Four students from this group will be selected as part of an internship program that takes place at the research center this summer. Students will work side by side on research projects involving immunity cells and cancer. A former student from Stelly's, Katey Townsend, works at the center and helped instruct Kayleen on lab techniques.