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Stelly's Rowing Team - Big Success

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Stelly's Rowing Team - Big Success
by Scheryl DiBattista - Monday, 5 November 2012, 10:59 AM

Rowing Nov 2012

A huge congratulations to our rowing team, who finished up their year with a spectacular regatta at the city championships. The team finished 2nd overall, while our senior boys placing first. Here are some highlights:

Notable mentions to Mitch deSchepper and Misha Roesli who picked up 2 Gold and 1 Silver, and Peter deSchepper and Philip Braunizer who won 2 Gold and 1 Bronze.

1st - Senior Boys 2x (Peter deSchepper, Philip Braunizer)
1st - Senior Boys 8+ (Coxie Emily Winkel, Peter deSchepper, Philip Braunizer, Matthew Stevenson, Jackson Courtnall, Cullen Lovick, Brandon Campbell, Mitch deSchepper, Misha Roesli)
1st - Junior Boys 2x (Mitch deSchepper, Misha Roesli)
2nd - Senior Girls 1x (Catherine Anglin)
2nd - Senior Girls 2x (Catherine Anglin, Meredith Olsen-Maier)
2nd - Junior Girls 8+ (Coxie Alison Junger, Mackenzie Common, Taija Thompson, Emma Ayres, Janelle Starkiewicz, Johanna Buermans, Amelia Casciola, Naomi Lorenzo, Hillary Beauvais)
2nd - Junior Boys 4x (Mitch deSchepper, Misha Roesli, Harrison Yolland, Dallas Richmond)
2nd - Senior Novice Boys 4x (Sean Midgley, Max Cunningham, Michael Giles, Jeff Davis)
2nd - Junior Novice Girls 4x (Daniella Ledet, Lucy Skinner, Jenna Thornton, Arianna Wilson)
2nd - Senior Novice Girls 8+ (Coxie Cameron England, Annie Collins, Daniella Ledet, Lucy Skinner, Jenna Thornton, Arianna Wilson, Sophie Langlois, Kelly Beauvais, Jozi Deschamps)
3rd - Senior Boys 4x (Peter deSchepper, Philip Braunizer, Jackson Courtnall, Matthew Stevenson)
3rd - Senior Girls 8+ (Coxie Robert Drinnan, Catherine Anglin, Sarai Stevens, Jill Frasier, Annie Collins, Annina Lorenzo, Emily Winkel, Hillary Beauvais, Janelle Starkiewicz)
3rd - Junior Girls 2x (Emma Ayres, Mackenzie Common)
3rd - Junior Girls 4x (Emma Ayres, Mackenzie Common, Johanna Buermans, Taija Thompson)

Junior Girls Aggregate 3rd
Junior Boys Aggregate 3rd
Junior Overall Aggregate 2nd
Senior Girls Aggregate 2nd
Senior Boys Aggregate 1st
Senior Overall Aggregate 2nd
Overall Aggregate 2nd