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Stelly's Rowers

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Stelly's Rowers
by Scheryl DiBattista - Tuesday, 5 November 2013, 3:11 PM

Wow - what a weekend.

Stelly's picked up 5 Gold, 6 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals at the City Championships!

Stelly's also won first overall with a huge 82% efficiency (winning 222 of a possible 270 points)! This builds on the 75% efficiency that Stelly at the 2nd Annual Regatta.

Stelly's Crews Placings
1st - Advanced Women's 2x - Ivy Elling-Quaintance, Taija Thompson
1st - Senior Novice Women's 4x - Lucy Skinner, Cailin Jenkinson, Meagan Peterson, Georgia Stone
1st - Senior Women's 4x - Lucy Skinner, Cailin Jenkinson, Meagan Peterson, Georgia Stone
1st - Senior Men's 4x - Lucas La Guardia, Mathias Tucunduva, Simon Marchart, Max Cunningham
1st - Advanced Men 8+ - Misha Roesli, Martin Roesli, Dallas Richmond, Simon Marcart, Lucas La Guardia, Mathias Tucunduva, Ben Austin, Christopher Dunn
2nd - Advanced Men 1x - Mitchell DeSchepper
2nd - Advanced Women 1x - Taija Thompson
2nd - Advanced Men 2x - Mitchell DeSchepper, Misha Roesli
2nd - Advanced Men 4x - Mitchell DeSchepper, Misha Roesli, Dallas Richmond, Simon Marchart
2nd - Junior Women's 2x - Ivy Elling-Quaintance, Hillary Beauvias
2nd - Junior Women's 8+ - Ivy Elling-Quaintance, Hillary Beauvais, Daniella Ledet, Stephanie Warwick, Rachelle Fitaire, Piper Battersby, Taylor Smith, Naomi Lorenzi, Kira Hutchinson
3rd - Junior Women's 4x - Piper Battersby, Taylor Smith, Rachelle Fitaire, Naomi Lorenzo
3rd - Senior Novice Men 4x - Lucas La Guardia, Mathias Tucunduva, Lucy Skinner, Cailin Jenkinson
4th - Junior Women 2x - Daniella Ledet, Stephanie Warwick
5th - Junior Men 4x - Brendan Wall, Max Cunningham, Martin Roesli, Christopher Dunn
5th - Junior Men's 2x - Max Cunningham, Martin Roesli
7th - Junior Men's 2x - Ben Austin, Brendan Wall

1st - Overall Efficiency
1st - Senior Efficiency
1st - Advanced Efficiency
1st - Advanced Boys Aggregate
2nd - Junior Girls Aggregate

City Champs

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