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Have a safe and fun trip Global Perpsectives students

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Have a safe and fun trip Global Perpsectives students
by Aaron Norris - Thursday, 6 March 2014, 8:31 AM

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This is the third year that Stelly's has been helping the village of Mankhu. Two years ago, it helped purchase land for a abused women in the Himalayas. Last March, 29 Grade 12 students from Stelly's traveled to Nepal to help build a shelter. By filling earthbags with dirt, flatting them into rectangles and connecting them with barbed wire, the students helped construct a 1200 square feet building with rooms for four families. This year's Grade 12 students will be traveling for nearly three weeks in March 2014 and will use donated Gala funds to add a daycare centre and help construct the water storage facilities that will allow for increased irrigation on the property.  To date, this year's Global Perspectives students have raised over $25 000 for the project.

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