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PL10 Class at Kingswood Camp

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PL10 Class at Kingswood Camp
by Aaron Norris - Thursday, 9 October 2014, 3:37 PM

Mr. McDonald leads the PL10 class in some team building activities at Kingswood Camp.

Personalized Learning 10 gives students the opportunity to learn in an environment that reflects what it might be like to work in the world beyond school walls; a place that emphasizes real-world skills that have been identified by top employers around the globe. Personalized Learning 10 is a program designed to bring together the core course of Planning 10, English 10, Socials 10 and Science 10 allowing teachers to weave together curriculum, leadership, communication, organizational tools and experiences for our students. The program is driven by a personalized, project and inquiry/challenge based format of learning. This way student(s) are able to move through the joint curriculum at a speed and level that best matches their own level of learning. This brings a renewed level of confidence and competence in their skill. The inquiry/challenge based element of the program allows students to spend time each semester exploring questions in areas of their own interest and implement change, while the team/community environment built throughout the year provides a safe space for academic risk taking, project based presentation and team problem solving.

For more info about Personalized Learning 10 and other courses at Stelly's check out our course handbook.