What did the Canadian Parents for French achieve this year in Saanich?

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What did the Canadian Parents for French achieve this year in Saanich?
by Susan Batham - Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 9:41 AM

What did the Canadian Parents for French achieve this year in Saanich?

We hosted our AGM last week and we're happy to attached the Chair's report that will provide you with a quick overview on key activities we supported here in Saanich.  This has been a great year with much achieved by our small team, there has been a huge injection of energy and great connections have been made between our group and the Saanich French Immersion schools.  Learn more on the attached report...

We were sad to say goodbye to our wonderful Treasurer, Nicole Andrew Lee who has been with our Chapter for five years.  However, she is willing to remain until we can find a new treasurer and will mentor whomever that person will be!  If you could be interested to support this interesting volunteer role, do please drop us a line.  It could an excellent way to boost your resume and at the same time you'd be doing a fabulous service to aide our group.

We are also seeking new school representatives for Ecole: Keating, Deep Cove and Stelly's.  These are interesting roles as it allows you the opportunity to liaise with the French teachers and also have a role on school's PAC - where you get to regularly meet the school admin and learn more about things that are going on.

Depending on which activities might be taking place, volunteer time is around 5-10 hours per month.  These roles can also be shared and some of most successful reps have been via a partnership arrangement.

We are also urgently seeking someone to head up our fundraiser activity for September.  This is very much an ad hoc volunteer role, with a number of hours at the start of the school year and then ramping down by December.  Do let us know if you can help?

Remember, all funds received are given back to assisting French learning in our community.  Without fundraising we operate with a very small membership and those funds alone are not sufficient to help us make any meaningful impact.  So please encourage your friends to join and get more active!

To complete our volunteer search, if there is anyone interested to help us get our succession filing up to speed, we'd love to hear from you.  This could be a talented teen/student who is seeking more hands-on pc experience... There would be no need to attend any meetings.