CPF Saanich urgently seeking volunteers!

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CPF Saanich urgently seeking volunteers!
by Susan Batham - Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 12:50 PM

CPF Saanich urgently seeking volunteers for the following roles:

a.  A treasurer (could be someone with no students - pass on please)
b.  CPF school reps Stelly's, Deep Cove and Keating.
c.   Fundraiser coordinator
d.  PC guru - someone who have load our files in the clouds - no need to attend any meetings - just have a few hours over the year to upload.
e.  Ad hoc volunteers - we often need someone to provide one or two hours to help us out at events - this could be to staff an event, go shopping for items etc.  IF you could do this, let us have your details so we can call you over the coming months.

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