Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back!
by Susan Batham - Tuesday, 4 September 2018, 10:30 AM

Dear CPF Saanich members

On behalf of the Saanich Chapter of Canadian Parents for French (CPF), welcome to another year in the French immersion program! You have made an important, and we believe a very enriching decision to continue to support your child in Canada’s most popular program of choice. We are here to help ensure you get the most out of this excellent educational opportunity. In fact, the Saanich Chapter, CPF was formed by parents just like you for that very reason. CPF is a group of volunteers dedicated to the creation and promotion of French second- language learning opportunities for young Canadians.

CPF is very proud of our accomplishments in this District. Here are some of the highlights at the from the past year:

• We organized and co-funded different French Film events and also supplied additional French DVD/ magazines/books for classroom use.
+ We organized French reading events at the two elementary schools
• We supported the Concours d’arts oratoire by supplying travel grants and medals.
• We organized a Café Francaise/French Karate classes at Bayside Middle School.
• We hosted a French improv theatre class after school.
• We funded a 5 week French debate workshop at Stelly’s
• We funded a live theatre show for all high school students
• We helped recruit students/fund gifts at Bayside and Stelly’s to work with the Grade 4/5 classes and school teachers to support a 5 week French reading program.
• We arranged and funded the popular K:12 Gift Exchange Celebrations.
• We continue to provide funding to purchase French educational materials for classrooms.
• We continued to advocate for improved programming at the high school level in this District.

AND We have purchased the popular Verbathon kits and these are being distributed to all our Saanich FI schools this week!

We believe that French is not simply a subject our kids learn in school, but a door to post-
secondary educational opportunities, making friends, experiencing adventure and having a
greater understanding of Canada’s dual linguistic history and being employable in jobs that
require bilingualism. 

To help us fund this work and much more during 2018/19 we hope you can count on your support in the following ways:
1. Our key fundraising event - Vesey’s Spring Bulbs Sales - a new opportunity for us to raise
much needed funds whilst offering our students/families “the chance to plot a riot of colour
next spring!” Please check out the material that will be given to your student this week. Please review/share with friends and family and return to your school  by October 10th (latest)with your order and payment to Canadian Parents for French - Saanich.
2. If you wish to support the QSP magazine subscription (as in past years): Go to https://www.qsp.ca/Login please use online code is 4677761 - all Saanich FI schools will benefit from raised funds (it will state Keating but that's  holding name!).
3. We invite you to renew your membership of Canadian Parents for French. 
A 3-year membership is offered for $60 instead of $25 per year. We hope you will join us today! All renewals or memberships taken out between Sept 1 and Oct 31 will have their name placed a a free prize draw - check out Facebook page for details.  Did you know that 80% of all membership fees are returned directly to the chapter? http://cpf.ca/en/membership/online-membership-management/ Remember to state Saanich Chapter!

Finally, we are still seeking new volunteers to join our awesome group.  Not all the volunteer roles involve more than a few hours work on an ad hoc project - in particular seeking a few volunteers at end October to help us with our Spring Bulb order packages.  If you are able to help us out, please make contact.  As always, we place regular messages/event info and helpful links on our Facebook page.

Thank you and once again, welcome back!
Yours sincerely,
Sandra Arthur, President, Saanich

Sandra Arthur
Canadian Parents for French - Saanich

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