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Stelly's Winter Break Newsletter

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Stelly's Winter Break Newsletter
by Susan Batham - Monday, 17 December 2018, 12:05 PM

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to all our Stelly’s Family!

As we head into a season of celebration, unpredictable winter conditions, and a wind down to semester one, we would like to share some important information.

Student Successes

While we share student successes throughout the year, here is a sample of some of our recent successes:

  • Stelly's Global Perspective Class held their 20th annual Gala in November, raising over $22,000.00.

  • Stelly's Music Department performed in the Sidney Sparkle Parade wowing the crowd!

  • Stelly's Model UN club took part in a conference at Belmont Secondary.  The students acted as United Nations delegates from all over the world, debating topics such as prison ethics, threats of nuclear warfare, and accessibility of vaccines  and won awards for their position papers and debate skills!

  • Stelly's Grade 10 student, Jasper Morris, qualified for the 2019 International Outrigger races in Australia for the U-19 Men's category.

  • Stelly's Grade 10 students,  Alexandre & Edouard Arthur, achieved the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.

  • Stelly’s 2019 Grad Executive hosted a wonderful Winter Formal on behalf of the Graduating Class of 2019.

Work Experience Paperwork for School Credits

As students head into the holiday season we encourage them to ensure their Work Experience paperwork is submitted to Mr. Rhodes in the Career Centre before December 21st so that they are in a position to accumulate grade 12 level credits over the holidays.  Students should confirm their eligibility with Mr. Rhodes prior to the holidays.

Vaporizers and Cannabis

With an increase in students’ use of vaporizers and the new cannabis legislation, we feel it is important to reinforce and clarify expectations for students.

During the school day, it is our responsibility to ensure student safety and that students are accessing their educational program while not under the influence.  Nothing is new regarding cannabis use: it is still illegal for minors to use or possess cannabis. In regards to use of vaporizers, students are not permitted to use them on or around school grounds or in vehicles. As such, for the past month and a half, students who use vaporizers have been provided an explanation, one warning -- and after that time, we have been confiscating the vaporizers.

In the New Year, students will no longer receive warnings; vaporizers/juice, illegal substances and/or drug paraphernalia will be confiscated and actions taken as outlined in the School Code of Conduct.  For parents/guardians who permit their child to use vaporizers, please ensure they understand the rules and expectations regarding compliance.

Exam Week

Upon returning in January, students will only have 2 weeks of instructional time prior to the exam week. We strongly encourage students to communicate with their teachers regarding work that could be addressed over the holiday season.  

Additional supports are available:

  • For Math, on Monday - Friday from 7:15-8:15 am in the Learning Commons.

  • After school Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from the end of the school day till 4pm. This time is designed for students to access assistance and to have a quiet work space.  Please note that staff may require students to attend these sessions to make up missed learning and/or to complete outstanding work/tests.

Mark your Calendar

  • January 21-25 - Exams

  • February 1st - Report Cards distributed

  • February 6th - Grad Assembly

  • February 21st - Stelly’s Explorations: Grades 9 to 12 and Beyond! - An event all students of all grades and their parents/guardians are invited to attend.

We hope you all have a restful, fun-filled and safe holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!