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Wednesday Menu

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Wednesday Menu
by Nicole Dunford - Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 2:17 PM

Wednesday Sept. 16 2020

Cafeteria Menu
Potato Patties (hashbrowns)                                                        $2.00
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate                                                        $1.50
Cakes and Squares                                                                $1.50-$2
Fruit Cups                                                                                       $3.00
Yogurt and Granola Cups                                                          $3.00
Bars and Grab Snacks                                             variable prices
Bottled Drinks                                                           variable prices
From the Bakery:
                              Cookies (bags of two)                                       $1.50 
                               Loafs                                                                   $2.00
                              Chocolate Chip Muffin                                      $1.50
                              Raspberry White Chocolate Scone                $1.50