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Island Health News about School Food

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Island Health News about School Food
by Susan Batham - Wednesday, 21 October 2020, 1:41 PM

Supporting Healthy, Local School Food through a COVID-19 Lens

Please see the attached Island Health newsletter for answers to the following questions:

  • Can COVID-19 be transmitted through food?
  • Why is it not recommended to bring home-prepared food for in class or school-based celebrations into schools at this time?
  • Do we need to take special precautions to prepare and serve food in schools during the pandemic?
  • Can produce from school/community gardens be served to students?
  • Can reusable dishes be used safely in school food programs?
  • Should I wear gloves when preparing and serving food?
  • Will parents and community volunteers be able to help with school meal programs?
  • Are Salad Bar Programs able to operate safely at this time?