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Wednesday Menu

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Wednesday Menu
by Nicole Dunford - Tuesday, 17 November 2020, 12:38 PM


Breakfast Sandwiches 

Potato Patties 


Greek Quinoa Salad 

Beef Dip with Cheese and Au Jus $4.50


Hummus and Pita 

Chicken Strips and Fries 

Meatballs with Shell pasta & Sundried Tom.Rose Sauce

Pizza (Veggie option)  

From the Bakery:

                              Blueberry Muffin                                               $1.50

                              Cookies                                                                $0.75

                              Cheese & Bacon Scones                                    $1.50

                              Rice Crispy Squares                                       $1.50

                              Carrot Cake                                                      $2.00

                              Lemon Loaf                                                      $2.00