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Tuesday Menu

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Tuesday Menu
by Nicole Dunford - Monday, 23 November 2020, 1:10 PM


Breakfast Sandwich  
Potato Patties 
Toonie Wrap  
Rst Chicken Bacon Cheese Sandwich on Focaccia Bread
Cobb Salad
Caesar Salad 
Hummus and Pita 
Chicken Quesadilla
Veggie Quesadilla
Baked Cavatappi Pasta and Chorizo in a Tomato sauce
Mexican Tortilla Soup
From the Bakery:
                              Stelly’s Cookies                                              $  .75
                              Double Chocolate Loaves                                $2.00
                              Carrot Cake                                                        $2.00
                              Chocolate Chip Scone                                       $1.50
                              Strawberry White Chocolate Muffins                    $1.50
                              Brownies                                                             $1.50