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Thursday Menu

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Thursday Menu
by Nicole Dunford - Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 12:49 PM


Breakfast Sandwiches 

Potato Patties 

Hot Beef Taco Wraps 

Clubhouse on Ciabatta Bread

Chicken Caesar Salad


Hummus and Pita 

Butter Chicken Rice Bowl w/ Naan 

Roasted Carrot  & Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Pasta 

Thai Spiced Yam and Squash Soup 

From the Bakery:
                              Stelly’s Cookies                                                   $  .75
                              Triple Chocolate Scones                                  $2.00
                              Lemon Loaf                                                        $2.00
                              Chocolate Chip Muffin                                      $1.50
                              Crispy Squares                                                   $1.50
                              Chocolate Mousse Trifle                              $3.00