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Sam Weber to Host Concert for Sidney Food Bank - Thursday Dec 16!

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Sam Weber to Host Concert for Sidney Food Bank - Thursday Dec 16!
by Scheryl DiBattista - Tuesday, 23 November 2010, 12:28 PM
Sam and Marshall
Our very own Sam Weber, a young talented high school student off the Feed The Soul Vol. 2 CD has assembled the best selection of local musicians for a Community Christmas Concert in aid of the Sidney Lions Food Bank. The concert will be held at the Mary Winspear Center on Thursday December 16. Tickets are $20 each and doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Sam Weber will be joined by Marshal Wildman, Sandy Hughes, Liam Moes and several other musicians from the community. They will perform a combination of your favorite Christmas songs and add-in a few originals to showcase their newest material.

So far $790 has been raised from local business donations alone...and the goal for the event is $5000 through seat sales, CD, and cash donations. Bev from the Sidney Lions Food Bank will be on hand to issue tax receipts for those that would like to make their seasonal contribution. REMEMBER - for every dollar you donate, the Food Bank turns that into $3 worth of food!

Please join us this evening to experience great Christmas music and the company of close friends. Tickets are on sale at the Mary Winspear Theater Box Office (250) 656-0275 now!