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Dress Up your Teacher Rusults are In!

Stein River - Gord Ritchie
Dress Up your Teacher Rusults are In!
by Gord Ritchie - Sunday, 6 November 2011, 7:39 PM
Dress up your teacher 2011
The result are in! Congratulations to Mrs. Reston's class on winning Best Overall in the Dress-Up your Teacher competition last week. Her class will receive a pizza party on Tuesday Nov 8th at 11:00am. Candy prizes were also awarded in the following categories within which the competition was judged: "Relevance to course" - Mr. Siebert and Mr. Heywood; "Scariness" - Mr. McDonald; "Humor" - Mr. Smith; and "Originality" - Ms. Lizama. Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition!