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Stelly's Welcomes Tectoria

Stein River - Gord Ritchie
Stelly's Welcomes Tectoria
by Gord Ritchie - Tuesday, 15 November 2011, 6:53 PM

Last week VIATeC shared information about Discover Tectoria to a group of Stelly's Secondary students, while HP Advanced Solutions brought out a guest speaker and some of their latest technologies. Students learned about where technology is headed and how they could be part of the future.

Stelly's has the opportunity to send a limited number of students to this big tech event at the Crystal Gardens on Thursday, Dec. 8th. Students will meet local companies showcasing their products and participate in hands-on activities, make connections with colleges and universities, future employers and young techies who are taking their creative ideas through to fruition. This event will show students some possible career paths and encourage them to stay in math and science programs. If you are interested in attending, see Ms. Stubbs in the Career Centre to pick up a field trip permission package.

For more information on December 8th's Discover Tectoria event, visit!