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Rowing team has a great first regatta!

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Rowing team has a great first regatta!
by Ryan Braun - Tuesday, 1 October 2013, 8:16 AM

Below is a summary of all top-3 placing for Stelly's crews.   For complete results, see the Rowing Data page here:


1st - Senior Novice Girls 4x - Lucy, Georgia, Meagan, Cailyn (3 juniors!)
3rd - Junior Novice Girls 4x - Julia, Georgia, Meagan, Cailyn (just 0.2seconds off 2nd!)

Head of the Hamster
1st - Advanced Boys 2x - Misha, Mitchell
2nd - Advanced Girls 2x - Taija, Ivy
2nd - Advanced Girls 8+ Ivy, Hillary, Piper, Daniella, Rachelle, Stephanie, Naomi, Taylor, coxswain Brendan
3rd - Advanced Girls 4x - Hillary, Piper, Stephanie, Daniella
We look forward to the Annual Second Regatta (which Stelly's is hosting) on October 19-20!