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Stelly's Rowers

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Stelly's Rowers
by Scheryl DiBattista - Monday, 21 October 2013, 3:31 PM

Congratulations Stelly's rowers on a fantastic regatta!  Stelly's crews qualified for 15 finals and picked up 13 placings with 4 gold medals.

Regatta #1 Regatte 2

Also, for the first time since I have been coaching Stelly's (7 years), we won the OVERALL Efficiency!  Points are awarded to each placing in races based on boat classes, and Stelly's picked up a whopping 75% efficiency, a full 10% ahead of the 2nd place school.  This is the BIG final trophy awarded at the City Champs regatta, so this is a great result moving forward!  Also, a big thank you to all the athletes and parents who helped out so much with Stelly's hosting this regatta.

Finals Placings
1st - Senior Men's 4x - Max Cunningham, Lucas la Guardia, Mathias Tucunduva, Simon Marchart
1st - Junior Women's 2x - Ivy Elling-Quaintance, Hillary Beauvais
1st - Senior Women's 4x - Lucy Skinner, Georgia Stone, Cailin Jenkinson, Meagan Peterson
1st - Senior Novice Women's 4x - Lucy Skinner, Georgia Stone, Cailin Jenkinson, Meagan Peterson
2nd - Junior Women's 4x - Hillary Beauvais, Danielle Ledet, Taylor Smith, Naomi Lorenzo
2nd - Advanced Men's 1x - Mitchell DeSchepper
2nd - Junior Women's 2x - Daniella Ledet, Stephanie Warwick
2nd - Advanced Men's 8+ - Misha Roesli, Dallas Richmond, Lucas la Guardia, Mathias Tucunduva, Simon Marchart, Ben Austin, Chris Dunn, Martin Roesli, Kira Hutchinson
2nd - Advanced Women's 2x - Ivy Elling-Quiantance, Taija Thompson
2nd - Advanced Women's 1x - Taija Thompson
2nd - Advanced Men's 4x - Mitchell DeSchepper, Misha Roesli, Dallas Richmond, Simon Marchart
2nd - Junior Women's 8+ - Ivy Elling-Quaintance, Hillary Beauvais, Stephanie Warwick, Taylor Smith, Rachelle Fitaire, Naomi Lorenzo, Daniella Ledet, Cailin Jenkinson, Kira Hutchinson
3rd - Advanced Men's 2x - Mitchell DeSchepper, Misha Roesli
4th - Junior Men's 4x - Brendan Wall, Ben Austin, Martin Roesli, Max Cunningham
4th - Junior Men's 2x - Max Cunningham, Misha Roesli
Junior Efficiency
2nd - Stelly's - 63% (114/180)
Senior Efficiency 
1st - Stelly's - 100% (84/84)
Advanced Efficiency 
2nd - Stelly's - 75% (92/123)
OVERALL Efficiency - Top 5
1st - Stelly's - 75% (290/387)