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Model UN Competition

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Model UN Competition
by Scheryl DiBattista - Thursday, 23 January 2014, 12:31 PM
Congratulations to Armand Birk who was the winner at BCMUN this past weekend at Brentwood College. Our six amazing Stelly's students were the only public school students who particpated in the very prestigious event.

From Armand Birk

"I would just like to say how proud and honoured I am to be a part of this Model-UN team. Starting out as a group of keen students who had no idea what they were doing, we went on to receive a 'clean-sweep' of awards at the VicMUN conference. As a team, we all pulled together to help each other out and for that we were rewarded.

This past week, at BCMUN, the Bee-Mun team went into a conference in which we were vastly outnumbered. For many of us, we were outnumbered by Brentwood College students in our committees, and for the JCC, we dealt with inter-student drama more so than the actual topic at some points. We worked together as a team to prepare, and it really showed. Even though we were outnumbered, the team still managed to win an award. Connor Williamson was an absolute trooper; he had to deal with switching committees and portraying roles he was not prepared to do, however he still honoured Stelly's by using his skills as an excellent delegate to overcome the sudden change.I am simply so thankful for being part of this team. And a special shout out to Alice Liu and Rhys Sandner who absolutely rocked their first conference!"