Aftergrad Clothing Drop Off - until June 19th

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Aftergrad Clothing Drop Off - until June 19th
by Bettina Perron - Tuesday, 26 May 2015, 9:50 AM

Students will want to have comfortable clothing to wear at the After grad event on June 26th at the UVIC Sub. Students will have an opportunity to change after the Dinner dance if they drop off clothing before hand.


Drop off a CLEARLY LABELED (Full Name & Phone Number) non-plastic bag filled with :

shorts/pants, tshirt, underwear/bra, socks, shoes/flip flops/sandles, light sweater, toiletries, garment bag with hanger for dress/suit.

ALL bags will be searched in Advance and will be transported to the sub.


Monday, June 15 through Wednesday, June 17                                     

Break time & Lunch in Front of the school

Monday, June 15 through Friday, June 19 - Block 1 only                               Room 144 to Mrs. Thompson

Monday, June 15 through Friday June 19 - 6pm - 9pm                                          Buchner House @  7701 Azurene Place

Any questions, please contact Nina Buchner at 250-216-7243