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Stelly's climbers the top in the country.

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Stelly's climbers the top in the country.
by Ryan Braun - Tuesday, 12 April 2016, 7:56 AM


A huge congratulations to Stelly's climbers who competed in the 2016 National Speed Climbing Championships. We had several national placings and champions. Listed below are the podium finishes by Stelly's students:

In the Youth B Female - Gold - Aleda Toronitz 

In Youth A Male - Gold - Kjartan Einarsson - Silver - Ryan O'Neil - Bronze - Liam Paul (Pictured Above)

In Junior Male - Gold - MacGregor Abbott - Silver Isiah Desjarlais (Alumni)

In Open Female - Gold - Alison Stewart-Patterson (Alumni and Academy coach)

In Open Male - Bronze - Tristen Gosselin (Alumni)