Boulders Climbing Academy at Stelly’s – Expectations and Overview

Overview of the Program:

The academy was formed through a unique partnership between Stelly’s Secondary School, School District 63, and the Boulders Climbing Gym Society and is the first public program of its kind in North America. It was created for students who have a passion for climbing but who also want to pursue a strong secondary school academic program. Academy students will be supported in their pursuit of climbing as a lifelong passion, whether as a profession or a recreational activity. The academy program will be available for grade 9 through 12 students who will enrol in two climbing classes each year which will earn them eight credits per year towards their graduation requirement while also enabling them to meet the Physical Education curriculum learning outcomes set forth for their grade level.

The climbing content will cover a wide-range of skills and settings, in a supportive and diverse community. Climbing content will include bouldering, top rope and lead climbing, risk management, outdoor climbing skills (age and ability dependent), route setting, gym maintenance and movement skills. Classes will occur daily and will be a combination of physical and technical training sessions as well as classroom sessions, to ensure appropriate macro training cycles. Curriculum will support the opportunity to achieve introductory climbing instructor qualifications, such as the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides Climbing Gym Instructor Level One and Top Rope Climbing Instructor certification.

Benefits of the Program

Students will have the unique opportunity to align their academic goals with their climbing goals in an integrated and supportive academic environment. Students will receive outstanding instruction in a new world-class facility, built and operated by the not-for-profit Boulders Climbing Gym Society. In addition to a physical education teacher acting as a coordinator, students will have access to a range of climbing expertise, including professional rock guides and climbing instructors, and national team coaches and managers.

One of the most attractive aspects of this program is the community in which students will be immersed. The Boulders Climbing Gym at Stelly’s has a uniquely supportive and inclusive environment. Students will benefit from learning, training and living alongside others who share the passion for climbing and the pursuit of personal growth. Opportunities to work and/or volunteer in this community provide even more valuable life experience In addition to personal climbing development and academic achievement, students will have the opportunity to take a number of certifications which could assist with future career paths, including the Association of Canadian Mountain Guide’s Climbing Gym Instructor Level One, and the Top Rope Climbing Instructor certification.

The academy will provide students with a strong foundation of climbing and outdoor leadership knowledge and skills. Armed with these abilities and their passion, students will be ready to choose and pursue any of a multitude of unique and rewarding career and life paths.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Students will be assessed in the following way:

  • Participation and Attitude (Daily) 50%
  • Gym Maintenance and Risk Management 10%
  • Skill Acquisition and Development 20%
  • Fitness and Strength 20%

Fee Structure

Similar to other extra-curricular and co-curricular programs, there will be costs associated with the Boulders Climbing Academy at Stelly’s. A cost breakdown is listed below. Consistent with district policy, no student will be excluded for financial hardship.

The cost of the program will be $1000 per year. That is consistent with other academies within our school district and others around the greater Victoria area.

The $1000 will cover group equipment, coaching, and some out trips, including some outdoor training and events or competitions. Participants will need to provide their own personal climbing gear. In addition, some trips will be optional, and not covered within this fee. This is particularly applicable to trips run by the Boulders Climbing Gym teams, for which the teams usually fundraise.

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