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Collection/Distribution Dates and Process

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Collection/Distribution Dates and Process
by Bettina Perron - Monday, 8 June 2020, 8:53 AM

Dear Stelly’s students, parents, guardians and families,

The first week of students' gradual return to school has gone well. On average approximately 60 students have been arriving per day to access voluntary additional support.

The safety procedures that have been implemented are working well, and we are feeling confident they will continue to work well as the number of students choosing to attend school increases.

  • Weekly Schedule: Students will follow their Semester 2 time-table schedule and the regular bell schedule.

Students will continue to attend school based on alpha by last name:

Monday: A-F, Grades 9-12

Tuesday: G-L,  Grades 9-12

Wednesday: M-R, Grades 9-12

Thursday: S-Z, Grades 9-12

Friday: Continuation of service to remote learners. Some students may be supported by Teachers, Counsellors, Careers Staff and/or Administration through prior arrangement.  

  • Online academic support will continue to be available: LINK.

Summer School

The Saanich School District does not offer summer school, but please refer to the link below for course completion opportunities through the Victoria School District:   Registration

If your child would like to complete a full course over the summer, please refer to the link below for our District Distance Education school, SIDES: SIDES Home Page


As you can imagine, assessment practices will look substantially different this year. Previously, the Ministry of Education and the Saanich School District, have instructed teachers to place the emphasis on the assessment of work done prior to suspension of in-school instruction.  In terms of the amount of instructional time, 63% took place before Spring Break and 37% was post Spring Break. Teachers were directed not to assign more than 3 hours of work per week after Spring Break.


Teachers will tend to assess using the above breakdown, but will need to factor in the Ministry of Education’s directive that students are required to engage in learning assigned after Spring Break and if they haven’t engaged and have not demonstrated sufficient skills to advance, they can fail the course. 


It is appreciated that this may be problematic for students trying to meet post secondary entrance requirements, or who are in jeopardy of not completing graduation requirements, or who were not doing well academically before Spring Break.  If you find yourself in either of these categories, please reach out to your teachers to see what can be done to address your situation. 


To ensure that there is context to the mark, teachers will provide a comment on the report cards indicating that this mark was achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Last day new curriculum will be delivered: Friday, June 12

  • Last day of classroom-based support: Thursday, June 18

Collection/Distribution Dates and Process

Drop-Off Textbooks & Devices (computers, etc) and Clean Out Lockers

Based on student’s last name:

    June 15:        A-F, Grades 9-12

    June 16:        G-L, Grades 9-12

    June 17:        M-R, Grades 9-12

    June 18:        S-Z, Grades 9-12

    June 22: If not already done, this is the last day to clean out your locker

Pick-Up Report Card, 2020-2021 Timetable, Yearbook, Awards, Grad Goodie Bag 

Based on student’s last name:

    June 23:        9am-11am    A-F

1pm-3pm    G-L

    June 24:         9am-11am    M-R

1pm-3pm    S-Z

Online Course Change Requests

The link to an on-line Course Change Request form will be sent to students via Google Classroom as of June 23 or the form can be printed off from the website. Ideally, Course Change Requests need to be submitted by June 26 so that staff can process the requests before schools close for the summer. Completed paper forms can be dropped off at Stelly’s main office until July 3 and then as of August 24 when Stelly’s main office re-opens.

Work Experience

Collecting Summer Work Hours - Sign up by June 19th

All students who are working this summer and would like to collect hours towards Work Experience 12A or 12B MUST be signed up by June 19th.  Please head to our Google Classroom page (joining code: yeujoon) and complete the 'Collecting Summer Hours Form' and the Careers Team will be in contact.  Remember summer hours don't count in September if you didn't do your start up paperwork in June!

Information For Grade 12s

  • Reminder to grads, while you have now crossed the stage, it is important that you complete and submit all assigned work to ensure you “officially” graduate.  If you are not sure regarding your status in a class, please connect with your teacher ASAP. 

  • On June 6th, WE Celebrate and CTV are celebrating the Classes of 2020 across Canada with “a one-hour primetime special featuring one-of-a-kind performances and heartfelt surprises.” Click the link for more details: LINK

  • An acknowledgement of the entire graduation class will be published in the Peninsula News Review on June 11.

  • Virtual Grad Ceremony to be released on June 26 at 4pm - details will follow closer to that date.


Sally Hansen, Principal (

Wendy Laws, Vice Principal (

Gord Redlin, Vice Principal (