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June 4, 2021

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June 4, 2021
by Susan Batham - Friday, 4 June 2021, 9:35 AM


June 4th, 2021 


TODAY THE CAFETERIA has the choice of a Spicy Habanero & Mozza Chicken Burger, Spicy Habanero & Mozza Veggie Burger, Grilled Ham & Cheese, French Fries, Caesar Salad, Veggie Baked Pasta in a rose sauce, Taco Spaghetti or a Beef Rice Noodle Bowl.    Come on down and check it out! 

Next week, Leadership is running a "SPRING INTO SUMMER SPIRIT WEEK!" Show your School Spirit by participating in each day’s theme. For more info, see the posters up around the school or the Stelly's Instagram page! 

NUMERACY & LITERACY EXAMS are coming up in the middle of June. Please see Mr. Braun in the main office, if you want to register. 

Reminder to Grade 9’s to bring in your “MYBLUEPRINT” forms to the main office or to your 1st block teacher ASAP! 

Stelly's Paddling Club is participating in Paddle 4 Pacific, a fundraiser for Pacific Peoples Partnership. Come paddling with us on Monday June 7th or 14th to add your strokes to our team! Sign-up outside Ms. Lizama's room or talk to Ms. Matheson.


TEAC 105 - EXPLORATIONS IN TECHNOLOGY - Sign up for next year! - If you're interested in Civil or Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, or Computer Science, consider signing up for Explorations in Technology (TEAC105) through Camosun College.  This program is open to grade 10, 11 or 12 students. Seats are available for both sessions in Sept and Feb 2022, but they fill up fast!  See the Career Centre for more information. 

GRAD 2021 

Grads … There is a discount setup at 3 Sheeps to the Wind Farm (affiliated with Eurosa) for corsages and boutonnieres for Stelly's Grads to wear on June 12th walk across the stage!. Orders need to be in by today, June 4th, 2021!! 

A REMINDER TO GRADE 12 STUDENTS that you need to pay your fees and return your overdue books before the Grad filming day happening on June 12th: 18 students have overdue books and 24 students owe fees.  If your name is not on the Grad eligibility list that is posted on the Counselling window, see Ms. Batham in the main office for more information.