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Dodgeball Tournament Wednesday January 6th – Wednesday, January 22nd

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Dodgeball Tournament Wednesday January 6th – Wednesday, January 22nd
by Aaron Norris - Tuesday, 15 December 2015, 11:12 AM

Dodgeball Tournament

Wednesday January 6th – Wednesday, January 22nd




·   6 Players per team, one players must be female


PRIZES: Winning team gets a T-shirt



·   Live ball rule - if the ball hits one of your team mates then deflects and hits you, you're still out. A dead ball is one that has hit the ground or the wall.

·   All body shots count including the head.

·   If a player attempts to catch a ball and misses, the player is out.

·   If a player catches the ball thrown by an opposing team member, the opposing player is out.

·   Players are not allowed to cross the centre line with any part of their body, and will be called out if this occurs

·   Referees will ask players to throw if the play becomes too slow or stalled

·   NO KICKING the ball (players kicking the ball will be called out)

·   Team members cannot be replaced at anytime with different players. If you are short players, you play short.

·   If a team member is late for the start of the game, that player must start the game on the bench if game is in progress

·   Costumes must be tasteful and adhere to the Stelly's dress code


*** Any players ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct WILL NOT be allowed to return to

the tournament

***Appeals and protests will meet with an appeals committee immediately following the conclusion of the day’s games.