Athletic Forms and Information

Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

To ensure that your child has an enjoyable year in athletics, please read the following information 

The purpose of this site is to provide athletes and parents access to forms required prior to participation. Under guidelines established by School District No. 63, B.C. School Sports and our local School Athletic Association the following forms must be submitted in order for your son/daughter to be considered eligible to participate in our athletic programme. There can be no exception to this process. Failure to submit these forms prior to league play will prohibit any participation until forms are completed. 

While we understand the frustration of completing forms (ad nauseam), it is in the best interest of the student that we must persist.

FORMS/DOCUMENTS required for participation

  1. Field Trip Consent Form (#3040-D): This form, along with a coaches’ letter, gives you the necessary information to make an informed decision to permit your son/daughter to attend team related activities.
  2. Confirmation of Eligibility: This form is must be completed by any new student (Grade 11 or 12) and any exchange student attending Stelly’s for any length of time and returned to the athletic director promptly. There is often a deadline for completing these documents. Deadlines are not negotiable.
  3. Please note that athletes and parents who drive student athletes are required to submit additional documentation.

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