Write in Role Rubric

Write in Role Canadian Citizenship                                                                        Project Gordon LC


Exceeds expectations

Fully Meets


Minimally Meets Expectations

Does not yet meet expectations


Demonstrates understanding and incorporates key push/ pull factors

Excellent use of sources to convey current, accurate story. Uses many push/ pull factors

Good accuracy and use of sources.

Writing is only partially accurate.

Little information is given.


Clearly written. Correct Spelling and Grammar

Great ideas, expressed clearly with very few grammatical or spelling errors.

Some grammatical, and spelling errors,

Many spelling and grammar errors, Expression is not clear.

Little information with poor grammar and spelling.


Written from the perspective of a recent immigrant and stay in character

The writer seems to empathize with the characters' situation. Always in character .  Has many details that potray story as a person not a demographic.

Written in character the majority of the assignment.  The person seems to be part of a news story rather than an individual.

Partially written in character. More factual than empathetic.

Little information given.

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