Central Saanich Lions - Director's Scholarship


Central Saanich Lions Club Central Saanich Lions Club

VALUE: $1200
TENURE: Any technical or vocational post-secondary institution.
  1. Any graduating Grade 12 student who has attended Stelly’s Secondary School for his/her graduating year or any graduating Grade 12 student who is residing in the Municipality of Central Saanich during his/her graduating year or the son or daughter of a Central Saanich Lions member who is graduating from a secondary school in British Columbia.
  2. Must have definite plans to continue formal education in a recognized college or technical school, subject to the final approval of the Central Saanich Lions Club.
  3. Must have demonstrated a keen interest or specific skill in the area of endeavour plus a suitable standard of achievement, regular attendance with punctuality and citizenship.
  4. Must not have already received a bursary or scholarship of more than $1,500.
DEADLINE:Annually on May 15th
PROCEDURE: Students need to complete a Stelly's application form and include a scholarship resume or curriculum vitae. This vitae must include a transcript of Grade 11 and 12 marks (predicted or final for all courses), a statement of future plans and goals, proof of post-secondary school registration or acceptance. Application forms should be completed and turned in to the Stelly’s Scholarship Coordinator.
SELECTION: Selection to be made by the Central Saanich Lions Award Committee on recommendation from Stelly’s Scholarship Selection Committee.
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