District Education Scholarship


School District 63

VALUE: 2 scholarships of $500
TENURE: To encourage and support outstanding students planning to enter post-secondary education; with a goal of becoming a teacher.
CRITERIA: Graduating Grade 12 student who demonstrates the following:
  1. excellence in academics;
  2. involvement in extra-curricular activities (this criteria may not apply at SIDES/ILC: check with your school for more information);
  3. participation in work experience and/or volunteerism in a teaching situation i.e., teacher assistant, peer tutor/helper, elementary school volunteer, lab/shop
  4. has indicated in his/her Student Learning Plan (SLP) a career path directed toward a goal of becoming a teacher.
DEADLINE: Annually on May 15th
PROCEDURE: Students need to complete the District Scholarship Application Form and include a scholarship resume or curriculum vitae. This vitae must include a transcript of Grade 11 and 12 marks, SIN number (predicted or final for all courses), a statement of future plans and goals and proof of post-secondary school registration or acceptance.
SELECTION: Selections will be made by the Stelly's Scholarship Committee.
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