Mme Marilyn Pinder Legacy Scholarship


The Pinder Family

VALUE: $1,000 ( 2 awards of $500 each)
HISTORY Mme Pinder began her teaching career in 1981, dedicating all but one year to the Saanich School District.  She had a strong reputation for her sense of humour, her frankness and her love of all students, but especially those students who persevered and were able to overcome hardships of any kind.  She also committed countless hours to promoting second language acquisition and shared her love of the French language with students, staff and parents throughout the district.  This scholarship was created to honour Mme Pinder and her many achievements in life.
CRITERIA: To support an outstanding student entering full-time post secondary education.  Awarded to a graduating student from I.L.C., S.I.D.E.S., Stelly's, Parkland or Claremont Secondary school who:
  1. Meets graduation requirements in the current year
  2. Has demonstrated perseverance, effort and has overcome challenges
  3. Has pursued second language acquisition
  4. Has been accepted at a post-secondary institution
  5. Intends to continue learning a second language
DEADLINE: Annually on May 15th
PROCEDURE: Students need to complete the District Application form and include a scholarship resume or curriculum vitae.  This application must include a transcript of Grade 11 and 12 marks (predicted or final for all courses), a statement of future plans and goals and confirmation of post-secondary school registration/acceptance.  Application forms are available from Stelly's website.
SELECTION: Selection will be made by Stelly's Scholarship Committee, in consultation with the Pinder family.
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