Central Saanich Police Association and Police Board Senior Citizenship Award


Central Saanich Police Association and Central Saanich Police Board

VALUE: $250
CRITERIA: One Senior (Grade 11 or 12) student who:
  1. may be involved in community or school activities which are service oriented. Candidate will be judged on the quality of their involvement as demonstrated in effort and commitment to the clubs or organizations
  2. has worked well in all courses – effort and conduct being, in a special sense, more important than achievement alone
  3. has shown much respect for the rights of others, teachers and fellow students alike, and has worked on behalf of others in order to achieve common goals
  4. shows a special compassion for those who are sometimes overlooked or ignored by other students
  5. is presently attending Stelly’s Secondary School
DEADLINE: Annually on May 15th
PROCEDURE: Students need to complete the Stelly's application form and include a scholarship resume or curriculum vitae. This vitae must include a transcript of marks (predicted or final for all courses), a statement of future plans and goals. Application forms are available from Stelly’s website, completed and re turned to the Stelly’s Scholarship Coordinator. Students may also be nominated by Stelly's staff.
SELECTION: Selection will be made by the Stelly’s Scholarship Committee in conjunction with final approval by the Central Saanich Police Association and Central Saanich Police Board.
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