Jim Gilbert Memorial Scholarship


The Gilbert Family

VALUE: $700 - $850
TENURE: To encourage Grade 11 artistic development and education through an annual scholarship award.
CRITERIA: Awarded to preferably a graduating First Nations student from Stelly's Secondary School, but other applicants will be considered who have demonstrated the following:
  1. Must be Grade 11 in the current year
  2. Must have completed at least one First Nations Art Course
  3. Must have desire to pursue post-secondary students not necessarily in ART:
DEADLINE: MAY 15, 2019
PROCEDURE: A portfolio of work must be submitted. Pictures of large art projects can be included. Students need to complete the Stelly's application form and include a Scholarship Resume or Curriculum Vitae. This vitae must include a transcript of Grade 11 marks and a statement of future plans and goals.
SELECTION: Selection will be made by the Stelly’s Scholarship Committee, including representatives from the Art Department of Stelly’s. The Gilbert Family will also be included in the decision making process
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