Darcy Lazarz Memorial Scholarship


Camosun College Foundation


$250 - $350


The purpose of the bursary is to encourage a Stelly’s graduate to pursue further education in their Food Service Program, Hotel/Restaurant Management or Tourism Management at Camosun College.


  1. A statement outlining the applicant’s education and career plans.

  2. A copy of Grade 12 transcript

  3. Proof of registration at a post-secondary institution.

  4. A completed application must be submitted to the designated contact person.


Annually on May 15th


Students need to complete the Stelly's application form and include a scholarship resume or curriculum vitae. This vitae must include a transcript of Grade 11 and 12 marks (predicted or final for all courses), a statement of future plans and goals, proof of post-secondary school registration or acceptance. Application forms should be completed and returned to the Stelly’s Scholarship Coordinator.


Selection will be made by the Culinary Arts Teacher in consultation with the Stelly’s Scholarship Committee.

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